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Electrifying Graphics

Electrifrying Graphics
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This a graphics coimmunity I made so I wouldn't be cluttering my personal LJ with icons, siggies, etc. I just started a week ago so they aren't very good but I am getting better every day. (Or at least I believe I am). It's also easier for me to have this community than an LJ so I don't have to keep switching usernames. =P

1. Comment. Always. I like comments. I like attention. Large ego here.
2. Credit would be appreciated but not necessary.
3. NO HOTLINKING You hotlink. You die. It's that simple.


I use brushes and textures from:

amethystia, aconite, herphilia, asya_17, arisubox, hanako_lovely, meleada, ewanism, myrasis, strawberries007, myrasis, butnotquite

And bases from shinymerllama

Layout: Thanks to sugar_noor and khallandra at khalls_stuff and _premadelayouts